Over the past 20 years, BTL Architects has gained a well-earned reputation for high-quality services delivered with an unparalleled level of personal attention and care. Whether you are an architect, a building owner or contractor, you will find information throughout this site about the scope of our services and the many ways we can assist you with your current or upcoming project. 

Our Name

BTL Architects, Inc. is the new name for Gustitus Group, Inc., the company founded by Delph Gustitus in 1995. Throughout its history, the company has focused on extending the useful lives, and improving the performance of, buildings throughout Illinois - bringing them back to life.

Since starting the company in 1995, one of my core principles has been to be in service. Not just being a service business; but to really serve others.

Working with that principle over these many years, I have discovered that in serving my clients, I am also serving their buildings and the communities in which those buildings are located. In a small way, my work touches many lives.

Consequently, I treat each building and project as if it were my own. I have a deep commitment to the clients I serve, and to the success of every project - and I know that my involvement is making a difference.
— Delph Gustitus, Principal

What We've Achieved

  • Performed numerous building condition assessments, from low-rise apartment buildings to 50+ story office towers - from modern steel and glass to early 1900s masonry structures.
  • Assisted clients with the LEED certification process of the US Green Building Council.
  • Performed close-up examinations of exterior facades to identify conditions of distress and their causes.
  • Served as architect-of-record, project manager and project architect for hinders of exterior building envelope repair and/or renovation projects.
  • Performed code required life-safety evaluations on buildings, considering provisions for egress paths and capacities, fire-ratings of building components, fire separation issues and sprinklering.
  • Completed diagnostics and testing on numerous buildings for water penetration and air infiltration.