Every building has a story to tell.

It may sound cliché, but the buildings in which we live and work have a story all their own.  It is told in the condition of their facades, the cause and origins of their distress and the history of their repairs. Extending the useful service lives and improving the performance of buildings often begins by discovering a building's story.

At BTL Architects, we begin by learning about the client and their unique goals for their building's future. We work with our clients to uncover a building's history and identify its most pressing problems and issues.  What problems have been addressed. What situations were ignored or deferred. We then develop solutions that reflect the client's objectives - always giving priority to safety and soundness. Ultimately, we prepare a preliminary cost estimate; help the client define the criteria by which the project will be evaluated; and work to ensure that every step of a plan is successfully completed.

Our principal is involved from beginning to end, as evidence of our unparalleled commitment to our clients. Simply stated, if every building has a story to tell; we want to work together to make certain they all have another durable, sustainable chapter.