Weather's Impact on Buildings

Heavy rains have soaked the Chicago area in recent weeks and some long-range forecasts point to above-normal temperatures through the fall followed by a snowy, frigid winter. These weather patterns have definite impact on building performance.

As the AIA shares on their website: "Designing and building resilient buildings is not a choice, it’s an imperative." As temperatures and weather become more extreme, regular building envelope evaluation, repair and preservation become key to maintaining that resilience.

The accumulated impact of Chicago’s wind, rain and snow can present in many ways during the life of the exterior of a building. Often, deterioration may have already occurred to masonry and supporting steel by the time effects are obvious. Regular examination is one way to ensure problems are identified before they become severe.

The pictures at right show our team in the midst of a recent inspection high above downtown Chicago. Is your building prepared to stand the rigors of a harsh winter? Drop me a note if you’d like to know more.