Film Challenge Bringing Architectural Stories to Life

The American Institute of Architect’s third annual I Look Up Film Challenge is inviting architects and filmmakers to collaborate in bringing architectural stories to life. This year’s challenge calls for films that highlight projects and architects that are helping to change communities for the better. This year's campaign hopes to shine a light on the powerful social impact of architects and their work.

A short documentary film on the positive changes in Midtown, a neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, launches the 2017 Challenge and introduces this year's theme, Blueprint for Better. Duvall Decker, a Jackson architecture firm, worked alongside residents and community leaders to transform a struggling area into an example of healthy community revitalization. Architect Roy Decker, AIA opens the film saying: "Architecture, at its best, is practiced when it is in service to a community or a larger goal - a public benefit of some kind."

The film ends with the quote: "This world is a gift. If you're going to build, you should build well." Entries are due next month and public voting will run from 8/21/17 to 10/06/17. To learn more, visit