Back to the Future

This past month, Chicago-based American modernist architect George Frederick Keck (1895-1980) has been in the news again. The House of Tomorrow, that he designed for the Century of Progress World's Fair in 1933, has become the focus of an ambitious campaign to preserve this structure that once served as a showcase for rapidly changing technology.

The building was dodecagonal in design using aluminum fascia with vermiculite interior walls. After realizing that the all-glass House of Tomorrow was warm inside on sunny winter days (prior to the installation of a furnace), Keck became a pioneering designer of passive solar houses in the 1930s and 40s.


Located in the Indiana Dunes, the House of Tomorrow is now vacant and deteriorating. But Indiana Landmarks and the National Park Service say they will join forces to help raise the $2 million needed for the major restoration.

You can learn more about this effort in this recent story by WTTW.