Chicago: Circa 1948

On July 31, 1948, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) released a "Travel Talks" newsreel entitled Chicago, the Beautiful, a 10-minute documentary featuring the city's architecture and well-known landmarks. The film opens with a panoramic view of Michigan Avenue near Randolph Street with this narration by producer, director James FitzPatrick:

“This is Chicago, queen of the Great Lakes and wonder city of the Middle West where American enterprise and progressive people have combined to build, in less than a century, the second largest metropolis in North America. A panorama of its picturesque skyline fronting Michigan Avenue reveals that the city fathers built with an eye for practical stability as well as for beauty and design.”

This quaint video offers some fascinating views of the city. Comparing these images to pictures from today reminds us of the importance of historic preservation.